Queen of Cups

QueenC_tatMy card of the day for 22nd August is taken from the Tattoo Tarot which was created by Diana McMahon Collis and Megamunden.  The illustrations by Megamunden are based around traditional tattoo art and Diana’s words really make the cards come alive.

The Queen of Cups, in this deck, seems seductive and knowing but most interpretations portray her as steadfast, empathic and loyal. To me, this card always suggests the need to utilise what we now recognise as emotional intelligence; to look at your situation with logic and consideration.  The Queen of Cups is capable of great love, kindness and understanding but sometimes she may need to apply these talents to herself and her own situation rather than giving them to all others without thought for herself.

Today is a day when you should look at how you relate to those around you and examine how the way you feel about them is affecting your life.  Perhaps you care so much for some of those around you that it is preventing you from making decisions which, in your heart of hearts, you know could be absolutely right for you.

Do you need to move away from a loved one to grow as a person? Perhaps; but this should be done openly and with kindness.

Are you feeling suffocated by a relationship?  Maybe; but is this a relationship in which you can explore your feelings with your loved one or is it time to plan your own future?

These kinds of questions are endlessly varied; it is for you, and only you, to decide if your emotions are overriding your intellect and to take action to improve your situation.  You don’t need to be hard or nasty; you just need to think more and feel a little less.

Death is not the end

215539_7372680788_7368920788_279256_5798_nMy card of the day for 21st August is taken from the Sol Invictus Tarot, otherwise known as The God Tarot. This is a deck that takes the masculine as its theme and the illustrations are really quite different to most.  Gone is the shadowy or skeletal figure of more traditional decks and in is place comes some amazing symbolism; look at the central image. Green fields, gentle hills and beautiful skies are not what one wold usually associate with this card. This icon is surrounded by a circle that may be seen as representing life in all its forms; and there is a butterfly in the corner to suggest how fleeting life can be.  Yes, there is a scythe and a skull; but there is also the butterfly and what could be a pot of gold.

I’ve never seen Death in this guise and I find this depiction to be almost comforting.  I am in the process of writing a series of stories around post death, pre-light, conversations with Death and this card really resonates with me.

Death is probably the most scary card in the tarot but it should not be; the times when this card actually suggests finality are quite few in the grand scheme of things.  This, to me, is more a card that suggests endings and beginnings; you could be coming to the end of the path you are travelling and there could be other paths ahead which offer choices and fulfilment.
As a card of the day, Death may suggest that you should be prepared for a cycle of your life to come to a natural conclusion; there is no point in trying to hold on to something that has past its sell by date.  Fear is the mind killer; fear is what holds us back from doing what we know is right for us and fear is what paralyses our freedom of choice.

Today is a day for facing your fears and for accepting that not all change is bad. You know what your situation is; you know that you have to move on, no matter how difficult.

Four of Swords

IT-4-swordsThe card shows a figure sitting in a position of meditation.  The swords seem to be piercing his shoulders and forearms; but this isn’t absolutely clear.

He is facing forward which may suggest that he is contemplating his current situation and there appears to be a column of light behind him.  It seems to me that this card suggests that it may be events in your past that are illuminating the decisions that you need to make; you seem to be being brought to a standstill by indecision and, perhaps, even fear.

Today would be a good day to face your demons; you’ve had enough time divorced from the world around you and it’s time to embrace your future.  There will be others around you who could be able to help you realise that not everyone you get close to will betray you.  Lighten up, have fun, get out and about; it’s not easy but it can be so worthwhile.