My card of the day for Sunday 7th January 2017 is taken from the Byzantine Tarot which is reproduced with the kind permission of it’s creator; Cilla Conway.

The image of justice is almost always seen carrying the scales in her left hand with the sword held upright in her right.  At the beginning of a new year it seems to me that Justice is much more about the scales; about achieving balance in your life and that she may be encouraging you to evaluate your circumstances so that you may discard those things that are producing negativity around you and to bring closer those things that could help you to achieve a new balance in your life.

This is not a time for feeling downtrodden and for revelling in the injustice of society, of social media or of friends and family.  This is a time for believing in who you are as a person and accepting yourself for who and what you are rather than trying to conform with the idea of how you think others need you to be.

True friends will accept you for who you are and people who really know you will see and love the real you.  People who only see your public profiles have no idea of who you are and of the value you bring to the world.

Be who you are and live your life for you; not for others who don’t really know you.


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