My card of the day for Tuesday 9th JB-XI-Fortitudeanuary is Fortitude; which may be called Strength in other decks.  I have drawn this card from the Byzantine Tarot deck by Cilla Conway and Cilla has kindly given me her permission to use her designs in my blog.

Fortitude may often imply internal struggle; maybe a conflict between how you perceive yourself and how you wish others to perceive you.  This would tie in well with my card of the day for Sunday 7th January where I suggested that Justice could be all about achieving balance in your life.

The present day is a time when we can be unduly influenced by the desire to ‘fit in’; to be what we think others want us to be and to strive to conform.  I believe that Fortitude is a card that may be suggesting that it could be time to look inwards – to the very core of your being to find what it is that would make you really happy.

It can sometimes be difficult to present as who you know yourself to be; and the pressure to conform can be intense.  This card may suggest that you do have the strength to find your true nature and to feel able to display this to the world.

Look inside yourself for guidance and the truth about who you are as a person even if this is a struggle; all humanity has value and we are all born different.


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