3 of Swords

My card of the day for Thursday 11th January 2017 is the 3 of Swords which I have drawn from The Intuitive Tarot by Cilla Conway who has given her kind permission for me to use images of her work in my blogs.

The image on this card can seem quite disturbing as the figure is clearly pierced by the swords but there are positive aspects to this card and it seems to me that it may be carrying on the themes from previous cards of the day this month so far.

The 3 of Swords can suggest that you may be feeling disillusioned, let down or victimised but it may be that these feelings are emotional rather than actual.  We depend so much these days on the approval of others that it may be difficult to divorce feelings of being ‘imperfect’ from the reality of who we are.  Jealousy can feature heavily with this card and this is such a destructive emotion.  Being jealous of someone because of how they appear rather than they actually are is pretty pointless.  Being jealous of someone you know well is pretty pointless too if you cannot accept that that person may also be feeling jealous of you.

Nobody is perfect and quite often it is what we perceive as our imperfections that make us unique and exciting. If you can understand and accept this then the 3 of Swords is not such a bad card.

Think about what it is that bothers you or what it is that makes you want to be something you’re not; bear in mind that pretty much everyone feels the same kind of emotions at some point and maybe you’ll be able concentrate on what it is that you like about yourself and what it is that makes you a unique and valuable person.


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