The 10 of Cups

My card of the day for Tuesday 16th January is the 10 of Cups which I have drawn from The Intuitive Tarot; a beautiful deck designed by Cilla Conway who has given me her permission to use the images in my blog.

I have always recognised the 10 of Cups as ‘the wish card’; a card that can hold the promise of achievement and satisfaction, but more recently this interpretation has been allocated to the 9.  However, the 10 is still accepted as being a card that may indicate that the key to the happiness you seek may be staring you in the face if you could only recognise it; and it may be time to have a good look at who you have surrounded yourself with and to recognise how they may help you and support you in achieving your goal.

In most tarot decks the 10 of Cups shows a happy family staring at the ten sparkling golden cups but in this deck it seems to me that the 10 of Cups shows a couple protecting a fully developed child that is ready to be born; which may be a sign that something you have been working towards is nearing completion.

Today could be the day for you to accept whatever help and support is being offered and to really consider that it may be time to bring your hopes and dreams into the light.


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