The Hermit

My card of the day for Wednesday 17th January is the Hermit; which I have drawn from The Intuitive Tarot by Cilla Conway.  Cilla has given me permission to use her images in my blog.

The Hermit can be a bit confusing as most people consider the idea of being a hermit as withdrawing from the world; but the figure of the hermit is usually shown carrying a lamp and in this deck he appears to be facing the future.  This may be a card of introspection and detachment but it could also be a card that can suggest that you are ready to re-enter the world.  Once again,  in keeping with some of my other cards of the day for January, the message in this card could be that you may have to look within yourself for answers to the questions that might have caused you to withdraw into yourself and that in order to start the healing process you could need to accept the truth of who you are and to appreciate that the acceptance of people who don’t really know you is not really what you need.


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