3 of Discs

My Card of the day for Thursday 18th January is the 3 of Discs which I have drawn from Cilla Conway’s Intuitive Tarot.  Cilla has given me permission to use images from her deck in my bog.

The 3 of Discs seems to me to be all about cooperation, networking and attention to details.  It can be about being involved in a project that satisfies you passions and about taking support and advice from those around you.  This cards shows three cogs working together to power a large machine that would seem to be performing well; but I think this may represent two different aspects.  On the one hand it could be great to be working on something you love as part of a well oiled team; but on the other it could be a warning that you should not be satisfied with ‘just’ being a cog.

Today is almost certainly a good day to bring something that you are passionate about into the light and to take whatever assistance is on offer to make a success of your pet project; just make sure that it remains your project.


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