The Lovers

My card of the day for Sunday 21st January is taken from my new deck; The Quantum Tarot, which combines elements of science with traditional tarot.  Images of this deck are freely available on the internet and the image I have used was found in a general search. The deck was created by Kay Stopforth and Chris Butler who are due full credit for this innovative deck and its superb illustrations.

In this deck, the Lovers takes as its basis Newton’s theory of gravity; which is, of course, the force that keeps us anchored to the ground we walk on; and which draws everything towards it.  The Lovers of the Quantum Tarot, as a major arcana card from the tarot, have been inspired by Newton’s theory; being drawn to each other as if by gravitational force.  Similarly, we also refer to being drawn towards people and situations in our everyday lives as gravitation.  We talk about people gravitating towards someone or something and we sometimes think of this gravitation as being something that happens unconsciously or inexplicably; just like love.

So, today’s card!  This is the kind of day when it could be good to act on feelings or emotions regarding something or someone you have felt drawn towards.  If you’ve been considering joining a club, organisation or group then this would be the day to take those first steps.  If there is a person in your life that you seem drawn towards then perhaps this is the day to think about starting up a casual conversation or about simply introducing yourself but, as always, be very careful in how you make any approach to new people who may be completely unaware of your interest.  Partnerships and association of all kinds are well aspected under this card; so maybe it’s time to take a chance and see where gravity draws you.


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