10 of Rods

My card of the day for 23rd January is the 10 of Rods which can also be known as Staffs or Wands.  I have taken this card from Cilla Conway’s Intuitive Tarot which I have Cilla’s permission to use to illustrate my blog.

The figure in this deck appears to be using all 10 rods to build a supportive structure and it could be suggested that he is not having an easy time of it;  but this card may also suggest that the defences he has built may be preventing him from moving on.  Whatever pain has brought you to a point where you have felt it necessary to build such a strong wall around you it may be time to at least think about emerging from behind it and opening yourself to new possibilities.

The key to this card, it seems to me, is about not dwelling on what has gone before with anger and resentment but to try to accept that it simply could be that what happens, happens.  Everyone makes mistakes; this is how life lessons are learned and the ultimate lesson from having made poor choices could be for you to recognise that that every choice we make leads us to be the person we are.  Consistently poor choices could suggest that we are locked into a cycle of forgetting what we have experienced and so constantly repeating the choices that have caused us pain.

Today could be the day that everything changes; the day that you might emerge from behind your wall determined that you can recognise where you may have gone wrong and, instead of dwelling on it, begin to move forward.

If we see ourselves as victims we will forever be so.



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