2 of Discs (Coins or Pentacles)

My card of the day for 25th January is the 2 of Discs which I have drawn from The Intuitive Tarot by Cilla Conway.  Cilla Has given me her permission to use her images in my blog.

The 2 of Discs can be about balance, about flexibility and, sometimes, about change.  The figure here is shadowed but the rest of the card is light and bright which could suggest that you may be ready to find new solutions to old issues.  The 2 of Discs can also be about moving forwards with new found confidence in yourself and the belief that you can achieve your desires.  There may also be an element of relationship positivity in this card; the lightly shaded form at the very top of the image can be see as being heart shaped and this could very well suggest improvement in relationship status.

I think that today may be the day when you could become ready to face the fact that you are capable of  great things; and where you could find the confidence in yourself to embrace life and all it has to offer.  Above all, today is a day to have fun.


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