The High Priestess

My card of the day for 26th January is The High Priestess which I have drawn from Cilla Conway’s Intuitive Tarot. Cilla has given me permission to use her images in my blog.

The High Priestess is from the Major Arcana of the tarot and, as such, she can represent things that may happen according to the laws of the Universe. She is an imperious woman who appears to be firmly contemplating the here and now and it seems that she sees everything but gives nothing away. The High Priestess can be all about secrets and lies and the search for truth. She embodies the feminine but in a more spiritual way than some of her tarot contemporaries and, above all, she may be seen to be the very embodiment of feminine intuition.

Today is a women’s day; it may be a day for looking deep inside your heart and deciding to let go of secrets and other things that could have been holding you back; or it may be a day for facing up to nagging doubts and getting rid of them once and for all by making the decision to be more proactive and not to listen to any voices that may be telling you to keep biding your time.

If anything represents ‘girl power’ it is the High Priestess.

You go, girl!


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