The Knight of Chalices

My card of the day for 27th January is the Knight of Chalices which may also be known as Cups.  I have drawn this card from The Magical Tarot with artwork by Mibramig and images may be found online.

The Knight of Chalices may indicate that you are not being quite honest with yourself about how you feel about someone.  In many ways he can suggest that your intentions are good and that you may have some encouragement from those around you to go with your gut; but he can also suggest that, from a romantic perspective, you may either be in love with the idea of love itself or that you could be subjugating your own happiness in an attempt to hold on to what you have; and maybe even from a deep desire to please.

Today could be the day when you wake up to the real possibilities around you; the day when you might find the strength to examine your relationships, both past and present, and to perhaps begin to understand why some of these may just not have felt ‘right’.  It could also be the day when you could begin to take responsibility for past choices and to think about how they may have contributed to how you are today.

This Knight appears to be looking towards, and toasting, the future; maybe you could be doing this too if you are really honest with yourself.


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