The One of Discs (also known as Pentacles or Coins)

My card of the day for 28th January is the One of Discs which I have drawn from Cilla Conway’s Intuitive Tarot.

In its simplest sense, the One of Discs can suggest that money may be coming your way; but, of course, it’s generally more complicated than that.  This card may certainly be seen to represent material fortune; but it can also speak of rewards for a job well done and about making an effort to create your own ‘luck’.  The One of Discs could also have chosen to appear today to suggest that it could be time for you to change the patterns of your behaviour and to turn over a new leaf in relation to your financial situation.  If you cut back on unnecessary spending and take care of your bank account you should absolutely see an improvement in your finances; but this card can often be believed to be predicting a windfall from an unexpected source.  Another area where this card may appear is in relation to work; where it could be indicating a change of job that may lead to a better salary.

So, today?

Today would be a great day to put in place plans and ideas that you’ve been hoping could lead to an improvement in your finances.  If you’ve been thinking about changing jobs; you might want to consider filling out the forms today.  If you’ve been planning to start a business, however small; then maybe you should think about taking your first steps today.  Money in all its forms may be well aspected today; but you just might have to work for it!!


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