The One of Rods (also known as Staffs or Wands)

My card of the day for 29th January is the One of Rods, which I have drawn from Cilla Conway’s Intuitive Tarot.

The One of Rods may be seen as indicating new beginnings or a fresh start.  It may also suggest being able to move forwards with ideas and plans.  This card may be seen as essentially very simple and its message can be taken as new beginings in all of their forms.  It may also herald an actual birth or the birth of a new venture that could be assured of success if you put the foundations in place.  It can also indicate travel and new experiences.

The One of Rods is so positive it’s almost unreal.

Today would be the day to give birth to your ideas, to try new things, to plan a journey and to look out for the possibility of a new relationship or the rebirth of an old one.


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