7 of Rods (also known as Staffs or Wands)

My card of the day for 31st January is the 7 of Rods which I have drawn from Cilla Conway’s Intuitive Tarot.

The 7 of Rods can be primarily about defiance and self-belief; it does not accept compromise or giving in.  Rods are associated with the element of fire which can give rise to passion and purpose but the rods in this card are things to be overcome and fought against if you are to enable that passion.  This may not be a time for being weak and bending to the rules of others around; just be sure that the stance you take is truly for your benefit and not simply to please someone else.

Today would be a day to believe that it is possible to say no; no to compromise, no to your inner demons and no to repeating behaviours that keep you a prisoner to your own lack of self-belief.

Today, you could move mountains; if only you could believe it.


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