7 of Cups

My card of the day for 1st February is the 7 of Cups, which I have drawn from Cilla Conway’s Intuitive Tarot.

The 7 of Cups may suggest confusion; perhaps of having too many options in front of you.  Cups are associated with the element of water which could suggest that it may be time to simply go with the flow and see where it leads; but by the same token, it could also suggest that you may be simply drowning in options.

There may be questions to be asked;

Are your expectations set too high?

Could you be putting off something that you know is unavoidable?

Are you just being self-indulgent and waiting for something, or someone to make the decision for you?

However you answer these, I think that you may find that making a choice may soon become inevitable.

Today is a day to give yourself a shake and to stop putting off choosing a direction for your life; whatever shape your perceived stumbling blocks take.


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