Page of Swords

The Page of Swords, above all, can be about keeping your wits about you and facing up to challenges to come.  These need not be big and complicated challenges, but they could be incidents that may force you to use the best of your powers of reasoning and, perhaps, even your sense of humour.

The Page of Swords may suggest something as simple as ‘sparking off’ those around you and indulging in a bit of banter or he could indicate something that needs a complicated resolution for which you could have to be absolutely honest in what it it that you want to achieve.  Perhaps a contract of some kind needs attention but seems unnecessarily intricate?  Perhaps you may have changed jobs or been promoted to a managerial role that needs a light touch?

Today is a day for facing up to change and for accepting any challenges that may come your way.  This is not a day for procrastination and putting off decisions.

Go for it!  This page could guide you if you let them.


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