Page of Cups

The Page of Cups, as with all pages, may indicate new beginnings; in this page’s case these could be the beginnings of new relationships of a romantic kind. Cups are associated with the element of water which may suggest that you may be, or have been, the kind of person who just drifts along; perhaps a little insensitive to the nuances that surround you.
If you are already in a relationship are you sure that you are being sensitive to your own needs and to those of your partner? Or are you just going with the flow; enjoying the moment and not thinking about where you are heading? If you are currently single it may be likely that this could soon change.
There may already be someone in your circle who you may have considered in a romantic sense; but perhaps someone who you may have dismissed as being ‘too immature’.
Being sensitive to the needs of others can be a good thing; but being oversensitive can be quite destructive. Maybe this page could be suggesting that you need to look for some balance. The first stages of a relationship can be exciting and passionate; but it could be good to be sensitive to the idea that things do calm down and to accept that this may be when the true depth of new relationships may be explored.
Today is a day to consider how you relate to those around you and to think about whether you are sensitive to their situation as well as your own. Don’t be put off by apparent immaturity in someone who may be presenting themselves as a romantic possibility; you’re both adults.
As the cups may suggest; perhaps you could just go with the flow and see where it takes you.

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