The World

My card of the day for 6th February is The World, which I have drawn from Cilla Conway’s Intuitive Tarot.

The World is the most exuberant of cards; heralding good things for all.  But there may be small warning here not to take things for granted.  This card may be about self-awareness, about finding yourself, about celebration and about finding solutions to issues that you may have thought could never be resolved.  It could be easy to feel that everything is going your way; but is it?  A little thought may be required to realise the truth of how you see your world.  Perhaps this card, for you, may represent wishful thinking; or perhaps you are simply seeing the world as you want it to be rather than how it is.  Either way, you could soon find that things begin to work out.  The World is a card from the major arcana which may suggest that the universe is working for you and that you could benefit from its goodness; despite yourself!

Today could be the day to take stock; to look deep inside yourself and to realise the truth of how you view your situation.  It would be a day to take steps to move forward and to expect the unexpected; but in a good way.

Today could be full of light and enlightenment.  Live in the moment and be ready to accept that good things can happen.


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