My card of the day for 7th February is Judgement and I have drawn this card from Cilla Conway’s Intuitive Tarot.

Judgement is a card that may suggest liberation, freedom and acceptance.  It is a card that can indicate that the time is right to face up to face the facts and to get down off that fence and finally make your mind up.  There can also be an element of recognition and forgiveness to this card; whether forgiving someone else for past errors or forgiving yourself; perhaps for poor life choices?

The implication when Judgement appears in a reading is that you could be able to change patterns of behaviour; or at least recognise that the road you have travelled may have been made more difficult by perhaps refusing to learn from the choices you have made and maybe regretted.

Transformation may be the key to Judgement but, as in all areas of life, only you can make the transition from who you have been to who you truly are. Don’t confuse Judgement with Justice. Justice can often be seen as being about ’getting what you deserve’ whereas Judgement, on the other hand, can be about considering how you relate to yourself and to others and about making a ‘judgement call’ about how everyone sits in your world.

Today is a day for looking at your life and for considering who around you brings something to the table.  It’s a day for facing facts without being judgemental and a day for maybe doing some ‘housekeeping’ to bring order to your life.  To paraphrase someone famous; if you don’t learn from your past you will be forced to repeat it for the rest of your life.


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