5 of Swords

My card of the day for 8th February is the 5 of Swords which I have taken from Cilla Conway’s Intuitive Tarot.

The 5 of Swords can be quite a quarrelsome card and it often suggests conflict and unresolved situations.  Because there is a clear duality in this card, the two figures are usually seen as a submissive and a dominator.  I think the message brought by this card may also be a dual one. On the one hand, if you feel like a victim you could be being prompted to try to change or to at least recognise that there may be some battles that you can win. On the other hand there may be a warning that, even if you feel that you have won, any victory could leave you feeling less than fulfilled.  The most positive aspect of this card for me is that I believe it could be suggesting that you may soon find a way to restore balance to your life.

Some people like to play power games and some do not; but some of the people who do not may be invariably attracted to those who do which can be destructive for both.  Whichever camp you lie in, the 5 of Swords may be carrying a warning that you need to give yourself a shake and recognise any destructive behaviours that you project.

Today would be the day to look long and hard at your past decisions and where they have led you.  It is a day to take stock, to recognise patterns in your life choices and to move on uncluttered by role playing and dependence.


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