6 of Discs

My card of the day for 14th February is the 6 of Discs which I have taken from Cilla Conway’s Intuitive Tarot.

As I said on the 5th February the 6 of Discs can be a very ambiguous card and I think that it is interesting that it has chosen to appear again following the multiple appearances of the 2 of Discs with its intimations of perhaps trying to handle too many things at once.

One of the underlying interpretations of the 6 of Discs can be that you may be being held back by your natural inclination to be kind and generous to those around you; but it could be worth realising that its just not possible to be kind to everybody all the time.  Something has to give, and I think that the thing that could be being lost to you may be your ability to see clearly where you need to be.  Discs are associated with the element of earth which can indicate enormous personal resources and the very essence of our being; but the problem with earth cards is that they may also suggest that you might have become to attached to the material world to the extent that you could be unable to make the decisions that the previous, and most recent, cards may have been suggesting are necessary for your own wellbeing.

Some disputes can never be resolved and some people, no matter how close, may never be good for you and the 6 of Discs, in this instance, could be suggesting that you might have to examine any motives that you may have for not making the decisions you know to be necessary, for facing up to what it is that you truly desire or for considering what it is that you think you need to do against what it is that you know you need to do.

Today is Valentine’s day; one of the most materialistic days in the calendar where you may feel forced into situations that you do not need simply because someone close to you feels that they deserve the kind of attention that this day represents.

Today is not a day for stereotypical behaviour. It should be your day for breaking free; if that is what you really want to do.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking that this is not a good day for difficult decisions; there is never a good day for those.


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