My card of the day for 15th February is Strength which I have drawn from the Radiant Rider Waite Tarot.

I think that Strength has chosen to appear in support of some of the other cards that I have drawn over the last week or so as she can epitomise the idea of inner strength, of achieving closure and of forgiveness. Quite a few of the cards over the last few days have been about soul-searching, about accepting that not everything around you may be beneficial to you and about learning from your past behaviours and I believe that this card may be offering the idea of closure being available to you.

The main thing about Strength, for me, is that her idea of forgiveness and closure can be two faced.

Yes, traditionally she could mean that you need to forgive those who you feel may have been unkind to you but quite often she may also be suggesting that you need to forgive yourself; which is altogether more difficult. To be able to forgive yourself you must first be able to recognise that at least some of the behaviours that you have shown in the past may have contributed to some of the issues that you may be facing now and to recognise the need to avoid repeating these.

So, today? I think that this could be the day when you might manage to face up to any and all decisions that you have been intending to make and to begin to carry these through so that you could move on with your life. The things that you may have been juggling could finally settle and your period of introversion and soul-searching could be drawing to a close.

Try to look at both sides of any argument today, but as neither a victim nor a victor; just as a person who may finally be able to find the strength to acknowledge that it is time to move on.


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