The One of Cups

My card of the day for 16th February is the One of Cups which I have taken from Cilla Conway’s Intuitive Tarot.

The One of Cups could indicate that you may soon find the love of your life; or at the very least a true friendship that could be lifelong.  It is a card that can suggest that you could find yourself experiencing intense feelings that may feel like an infatuation, but which have their roots in the real world.  But it is also a card that could be questioning whether or not you are in touch with your own true feelings; perhaps also suggesting that you may have given up on finding someone who could be a true and good support in your life.  No matter what has happened in your past, this card may be saying that the time could be right for you to let go of any disillusionment you may be feeling and to recognise that in order to move on you may need to consider letting go of anything that could be holding you back.  Everyone makes or choices at some time or another; the key is to accept that and to learn from the results of choices made rather than consistently repeating the same behaviours.  If you can do that, this card could be suggesting that you may soon be free from your past and able to concentrate on creating a future with someone who actually deserves you.

Today could be the day to revel in your uniqueness, to cast off the shackles of past choices and to recognise someone around you who could love you for who you are; whether as a friend or a lover is perhaps up to fate, but it seems to me that the One of Cups may be suggesting that anything could be possible today.


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