9 of Discs

My card of the day for 21st February is the 9 of Discs which I have drawn from Cilla Conway’s Intuitive Tarot. 

If you have been following my recent cards of the day it could look as if they may all have been commenting on you finding the ability to look into yourself to find out what it is that you really need, as well as finding closure and perhaps developing new relationships.  A couple have had what could be seen as negative influences and have spoken of self-denial, of a refusal to see what is in front of your face and of being unable to move on unless you could let go of the past and learn from past choices.

Well, the 9 of Discs can also be about being more down to earth and about taking responsibility for your actions; past and present; but it can also support the idea that you could finally be able to take control of your life and to begin to enjoy the security you may be seeking.

The 9 of Discs can also support the suggestion of the need for self-discipline; which has been indicated in some of the other recent cards.

Today could be a day for reflection, for thinking upon some of the issues that I’ve raised over the last few days and for at least trying to recognise that the time for you to recover an element of independence could be now.  Can you be sure that you are really on course to achieve the changes that you were looking for?  Perhaps, but I think you might need to be careful not to find it easier to relapse back into dependency.


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