The Emperor

My card of the day for 22nd February is The Emperor which I have taken from Cilla Conway’s Intuitive Tarot.  The Emperor is from the Major Arcana of the Tarot which means that he can represent influences on a universal rather than a personal level.

The Emperor can primarily be seen as having all of the values that one would usually associate with masculinity; power, authority, leadership and low emotion.  But this may not be a modern attribution of these so called qualities, given the changing roles of society.  What he most likely represents may be the requirement to show ambition and efficiency when dealing with any issues that surround you.  Perhaps the ambition to really be able to make changes and maybe the need to employ reason rather than emotion when making your decisions about things that affect you deeply.

The musical ‘Camelot’ features a song which asks ‘why can’t a woman be more like a man?’ a question that I never fully understood; but I now think that the ‘difference’ that the song may relate to could lie firmly in the perception of emotion and irrationality which have traditionally been associated with women; a huge generalisation which should be easy to dismiss in the 21st century.

So, today?  I think that The Emperor’s potentially misplaced idea of the differences between men and women could simply come down to a warning that some of the issues that I have been seeing in the cards over the last week should be dealt with without emotion; that can come later if you need it.  It seems to me that those of you for whom my recent cards have resonated already know the decision you want to make; but it also seems to me that the recent cards, including The Emperor, may be emphasising that these could be too important to be seen through the eyes of emotion.  What you could need to bring to the fore may be difficult for some; assertiveness, rationality, and control may be alien to some of you but it seems to me that you may be fully able to employ these qualities if you could only realise it.

Today could be a day for bringing your inner GaGa into the light.


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