8 of Cups

My card of the day for 23rd February is the 8 of Cups which comes from Cilla Conway’s Intuitive Tarot.

The 8 of Cups can be quite simple to read; its prime energy always seems to be about moving on and about change.  But it can be quite a topsy turvey card in that it may suggest that you may soon see a shift in the energy around you; some of you who hold positions of power could find that you may come up against someone who could hold power over you and those of you who currently feel powerless could soon find that they may be able to find the inner strength to take control of the situation and to begin to take back the power you need to maybe cut and run.

This is not a card of permanence; it does not approve of sticking where you are and of putting up with feelings of powerlessness and disappointment. It can talk of imbalance and about something being not quite right, but it may very well be in your own hands to rebalance your life; if that is what could be needed.

The 8 of Cups seems to be carrying on the theme of movement, of taking control, of deciding once and for all that you need not be a victim and of realising that the path you may be on could be doing you more damage than good.

Change is unavoidable.  The key is to be able to make your own decisions about how changes may affect you and the cards that have been appearing over the last week or so seem to have been shouting this loud and clear.  Enough is enough; how much longer can you put up with situations that stunt your growth or that prevent you from pursuing your dreams?

Today, once again, could be a day when you could find the strength to look at where you are and how this may be affecting you.  It could be a day to take those first small steps to independence and to begin to realise your own value.  Change must come; will you be in control?


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