10 of Coins

My card of the day for 24th February is the 10 of Coins which I have drawn from the Radiant Rider Waite Tarot.

How long is a piece of string?  How much is enough?

The 10 of Coins can be seen to look at the influences of excess and lack.  Some people, no matter how much they have, will always feel that there is something lacking in their lives; some people who have what could be perceived as very little just couldn’t be happier.  This card could be seen as suggesting that you may benefit from taking a look around you and seeing where you actually fit in the world.  It’s a card that may be suggesting that it could be time to decide that you are happy with your lot; but it could also be suggesting that you may feel that you need more to realise your ambitions.  Another thing about this card is that it may be asking you to recognise what it is that you truly value. If that is material wealth, go for it; if it is family values, don’t give up on them.  Some people are traditionalists who could not more cut corners than fly, some people are chancers who could no more remain on the straight and narrow than they could turn lead into gold; no matter how much they wish they could.

Today is about being who you are.  If you’re walking a traditional path and you are happy with your lot, then it could be time for you to let the world know that that is who you are and not to care so much about the opinions of anyone around you who thinks you could be more adventurous.  If you’re the kind of person who grabs every opportunity and who doesn’t give a fig for the thoughts and feelings of those with whom you come into contact; that could be ok too.  Polar opposites?  You’d think so, wouldn’t you? But they each share the conviction that their way is the right way.

Today could be a day to make up your mind which camp you fall into and perhaps to just go for it despite any previous misgivings you may have had.  But remember that there is a load of middle ground that you could occupy and still be happy.  Nothing is completely dark and light.


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