Queen of Swords

My card of the day for 25th February is the Queen of Swords which I have taken from my very first serious tarot deck and for which I can’t find any reasonable illustrations. The image I’m using to illustrate my reading is similar.

The Queen of Swords tends towards directness, openness, and straightforwardness. She is typically someone who can think on her feet and who is realistic about which battles are worth fighting. The position of the image within tarot cards can be of great importance; in some decks this queen is shown face on which is said to relate to the present. But in others she is shown looking either to the left (the past) or to the right (the future).

However she is seated, the Queen of Swords’ message is the same; the only thing that may change is whether you could be facing issues right now, whether they may still be to come or whether you could have battled your way through and are now ready to move on.

The queen in this deck is facing to the left and so could be suggesting that you may want to consider what effect your past actions or decisions may have had on you.

Today could be the day to recognise how far you have come and how much you have achieved; but, it could also be the day to recognise what may have driven you to where you are now and what this could have cost you. It is all very well to be upfront, direct and straightforward; but has this caused pain and hurt to people around you who did not deserve it?

Today is not necessarily a day for self-praise; but it could be a day for a bit of self-analysis and for, perhaps, making amends with someone who you may not have intended to be caught up in any crossfire from some of your decisions.


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