8 of Discs

My card of the day for 27th February is the 8 of Discs which I have taken from Cilla Conway’s Intuitive Tarot.

This is a card of discipline and knowledge which can bring with it the suggestion that now is your time; time to get on with a project that you may have been putting off, time to pay more attention to work or relationships or time to persevere with something that you have been trying to achieve.

It is a card that can promise much; but it can also be a card that could be saying that you need to help yourself before you can make the changes that you may have been planning.  Like so many of the other cards this month, the 8 of Discs can be about change, about doing what is best for yourself and about taking time to make things better where this is still an option or perhaps considering a complete change of direction where it isn’t.

Today you could need to be clear about where you are and where you think that you need to be; it could be about recognising that, in some areas of your life, you may be finding things too easy and that you could simply be bored.  But the 8 of Discs may also be supporting some of this month’s other messages in that it could be time for you to move up a gear and to recognise what it is that truly motivates you.

Today could also be a day to explore now horizons, to register for a class of some kind and to make some effort to increase your knowledge of the world around you.  It could be the day when you recognise that you have potential and should grab this with both hands.


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