Knight of Rods

My card of the day for 6th March is the Knight of Rods which I have drawn from the Intuitive Tarot by Cilla Conway.

The Knight of Rods is impetuous, charming and a bit of a rogue; depending on your point of view.  He can present himself as someone who could appear to be your knight in shining armour but be careful; he will try to seduce you without any thought at all as to how this could affect you once the initial flirting has finished.

The thing is, this knight can really be a physical person, or he can represent some of the emotions that you could find yourself experiencing in the short term; I think of him as a bit of an antidote to some of the more serious cards that I’ve published over the last month or so.  Perhaps he could be suggesting that it is time to release your inner flirt; maybe to forget to be serious, just for a moment, or perhaps even to cast caution to the wind and follow up on something or someone who has caught your attention.

Today could be a day for just letting your fun side come to the fore, for enjoying the moment without worrying too much about how others may think of you; or for just staying in and bingeing on trash television.  Just remember that this may be a momentary thing; reality may set back in, but at least you could be more able to deal with it than you were.


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