Interview with mydeck.

Interview with my deck – The Intuitive Tarot

This is a fun exercise that was started by one of my colleagues from the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI) which is a loose company of like minded people who love and practice tarot; amongst other things. Check it out here.

The Intuitive Tarot is my favourite deck ever; although I have recently been enamoured of the Tattto Tarot which will almost certainly  become my joint favourite once I’ve gotten to know it better.  All questions are asked of the deck and the knack is to be able to interpret that cards as the deck itself wants them seen.

The questions have been answered by many other reader’s decks in the TABI forums; this is my take.


How would you describe yourself?

IT-9- discsI’m the Nine of Discs;  I feel almost complete and I enjoy the fruits of my labours when I am used properly.  I need to feel useful and I can become a bit over keen to be the focus of your work if I don’t hear from you in a while.  I prefer to look towards the future and I need to be able to clearly see where I fit with you.


What do you think of me?

IT-xiv--temperanceLike Temperance you need balance and security in your life, but your fiery side can often take over and cause you problems.  You never really enjoyed being guided but you’ve come to accept it in recent times.  I like it when you take me up but I can sense that you are not always connected to your work; which brings on my needy side.


What type of readings do you like?

IT-6-rodsThe Six of Rods is my kind of card and I like readings that can help people to use their own skills and talents to move themselves forwards on their path; but I also like to help people who are suffering from low self-esteem but who I sense are actually fully able to help themselves.


What type of readings do you dislike?



The ones where people tell you that they want everything and where they simply want your validation of the choices they’ve made.  The World is the right card to describe how I feel about this.


What is your strength?

it-xii-hanged-manI’m like the Hanged Man in that I just want to be able to take time to think about what you’re asking me before I give you an answer and I think that this makes me stronger for you.


What is your weakness?

IT-6-swordsLike the Six of Swords I can feel depressed and disgruntled sometimes, especially when we’ve had many readings all asking the same question and where the people already know the answer.


What can you teach me?

IT-10-swordsTo recognise that, like the Ten of Swords, you often feel completely defeated by life.  If I can manage that I’ll be pleased and satisfied.



What do you need from me?

IT-kt-swordsI need you, like the Knight of Swords, to recognise that you need to work on your communication skills so that you can recognise when you are being opinionated, patronising or simply just speaking without thinking.  This will help me to bring you the cards that you need to complete your work.

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