Four of Swords

IT-4-swordsThe card shows a figure sitting in a position of meditation.  The swords seem to be piercing his shoulders and forearms; but this isn’t absolutely clear.

He is facing forward which may suggest that he is contemplating his current situation and there appears to be a column of light behind him.  It seems to me that this card suggests that it may be events in your past that are illuminating the decisions that you need to make; you seem to be being brought to a standstill by indecision and, perhaps, even fear.

Today would be a good day to face your demons; you’ve had enough time divorced from the world around you and it’s time to embrace your future.  There will be others around you who could be able to help you realise that not everyone you get close to will betray you.  Lighten up, have fun, get out and about; it’s not easy but it can be so worthwhile.

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