Death is not the end

215539_7372680788_7368920788_279256_5798_nMy card of the day for 21st August is taken from the Sol Invictus Tarot, otherwise known as The God Tarot. This is a deck that takes the masculine as its theme and the illustrations are really quite different to most.  Gone is the shadowy or skeletal figure of more traditional decks and in is place comes some amazing symbolism; look at the central image. Green fields, gentle hills and beautiful skies are not what one wold usually associate with this card. This icon is surrounded by a circle that may be seen as representing life in all its forms; and there is a butterfly in the corner to suggest how fleeting life can be.  Yes, there is a scythe and a skull; but there is also the butterfly and what could be a pot of gold.

I’ve never seen Death in this guise and I find this depiction to be almost comforting.  I am in the process of writing a series of stories around post death, pre-light, conversations with Death and this card really resonates with me.

Death is probably the most scary card in the tarot but it should not be; the times when this card actually suggests finality are quite few in the grand scheme of things.  This, to me, is more a card that suggests endings and beginnings; you could be coming to the end of the path you are travelling and there could be other paths ahead which offer choices and fulfilment.
As a card of the day, Death may suggest that you should be prepared for a cycle of your life to come to a natural conclusion; there is no point in trying to hold on to something that has past its sell by date.  Fear is the mind killer; fear is what holds us back from doing what we know is right for us and fear is what paralyses our freedom of choice.

Today is a day for facing your fears and for accepting that not all change is bad. You know what your situation is; you know that you have to move on, no matter how difficult.

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