Queen of Cups

QueenC_tatMy card of the day for 22nd August is taken from the Tattoo Tarot which was created by Diana McMahon Collis and Megamunden.  The illustrations by Megamunden are based around traditional tattoo art and Diana’s words really make the cards come alive.

The Queen of Cups, in this deck, seems seductive and knowing but most interpretations portray her as steadfast, empathic and loyal. To me, this card always suggests the need to utilise what we now recognise as emotional intelligence; to look at your situation with logic and consideration.  The Queen of Cups is capable of great love, kindness and understanding but sometimes she may need to apply these talents to herself and her own situation rather than giving them to all others without thought for herself.

Today is a day when you should look at how you relate to those around you and examine how the way you feel about them is affecting your life.  Perhaps you care so much for some of those around you that it is preventing you from making decisions which, in your heart of hearts, you know could be absolutely right for you.

Do you need to move away from a loved one to grow as a person? Perhaps; but this should be done openly and with kindness.

Are you feeling suffocated by a relationship?  Maybe; but is this a relationship in which you can explore your feelings with your loved one or is it time to plan your own future?

These kinds of questions are endlessly varied; it is for you, and only you, to decide if your emotions are overriding your intellect and to take action to improve your situation.  You don’t need to be hard or nasty; you just need to think more and feel a little less.

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