Card of the Day – 21st July

prediction_qswordsThe Queen of Wands can either be a person or she can suggest some of the qualities you may need to move forward.  She could be seen as being the very embodiment of femininity; at the very least she is very in touch with her feminine side.

She can be a really charismatic person which may be suggesting that you could be going through life untouched by anything it throws at you.  You may feel upbeat, positive and ready for anything; or, if you’re not, you should be.  All of the positivity surrounding you could be put to good use if you can believe in yourself.

Leo women in particular are well aspected by this card and it really does look like you can choose to be whatever, or whoever, you want to be; just try to remember that we’re not really self-sufficient as a race.  Don’t let anyone, even maybe  a close female friend?, hold you back.  But remember to show your vulnerable side too; people like that.