My card of the day for 5th March is Death which I have drawn from the Thoth Tarot.

Death always scares people but, in my experience, it very rarely relates to physical death; it is much more about the ending of one period and the beginning of a new era. Death has many faces and, in relation to several of the cards I have published recently, I believe that this card could be suggesting that you may have finally reached a time when you feel able to let go.

This card can indicate periods that are painful, but it can also suggest that it could be up to you how painful your decisions could be.  It can be enormously difficult to let go of people, jobs or other things in your life where you may feel that it is easier to go along with being unhappy because you also feel relatively secure. This card could also be indicating that old attachments are simply waiting to be extinguished; if only you could bear to let them go.

Much of what I have been saying over the last few weeks has been about change, about taking control of your life and about finding the inner strength to do what is best for you.  I have also spoken about being true to yourself but also being truthful with yourself.

Death is a card from the Major Arcana of the tarot, which can mean that its influence can be deeper than those from the Minor Arcana; such as the 9 of Discs or the 5 of Swords.  The thing about the majors is that they have a knack of suggesting things that could be meant to happen; the key is to recognise this so that you may be able to take control and save yourself the further pain of enduring changes that you aren’t ready for.

Today could be a day to recognise that it may be time to let go of attachments that are not good for you; but to do so in a timely manner that allows you to be in control of your own destiny, no matter how scary this may seem.

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9 of Discs

My card of the day for 2nd March is the 9 of Discs which I have drawn from Cilla Conway’s Intuitive Tarot.

The 9 of Discs, as I’ve suggested a few times recently, can represent the idea of self-expression and about having the vison to see what you may have already accomplished and to recognise that not every situation is absolutely black and white; there can be many shades of grey in life and I think, based on yesterday’s 5 of Swords, that the 9 of Discs may have reappeared to support the concept of being true to yourself but also being truthful to yourself. The 9 of Swords can also be supporting the idea that this could be the time to realise that your prime duty is to yourself.  Are you proud of what you have achieved? Could it be that you may be overestimating what you have done or what you have to do?

Look at the image of this card.  The figure appears to be confident and self-reliant; sure of the richness of his harvest and settled into his world.  Is this you?  If you can recognise yourself in this figure perhaps you could be on a path that may lead you to your goal.  If you can’t accept that you could be this figure then it may be that could have to examine your conscience, your goals, your past choices and your true self so that you could recognise why that is.

It seems to me that there may still be expectations of change in the air heading into Spring; whether you can run with these or whether you can’t is up to you but this card, as with some of the others, can suggest that being true to your ambitions and true to yourself may be the key to being able to see what it is that you really do want.

Today could be a day to decide if you could be failing to acknowledge what you have achieved or if, perhaps, you may be overthinking what you have achieved to the extent that you may feel that there is nothing left that you could do that might make the changes you could be looking for.

Again, look to the things you could change, live with the things that you absolutely believe that you can’t; but be on your guard so that you may recognise an opportunity that you could otherwise easily miss.

5 of Swords

My card of the day for 1st March is the 5 of Swords which I have drawn from the Tarot de Marseilles.

The 5 of Swords can be a card of contradiction, of decision and of choices.  Amongst the choices that this card may offer could be to choose whether you are a victim or a survivor.  Like quite a few of the cards I published during February this card could be suggesting that it is time to put yourself first; but it can also suggest that you could be putting you own interest over that of others in your life.

This is a card of contradiction; but only because of the choices it implies.  You could feel that you are in a situation that you cannot win; or you could believe that you are in control and powerful.  Neither of these could be healthy and I believe that this card may be asking you to decide once and for all if you are truly powerless or if you perhaps enjoy the feeling of power that can come with the idea of being controlled by someone else.

Today is a day to be true to your self but also to be truthful with yourself.  You may very well feel that you are entering, or have just entered a hostile period; but is that true or could it be simply your perception?  Only you can decide but this card could be suggesting that you already know which way you want to go.