Who I am

Hey, thanks for dropping in.

me_tabiI’m Peter and I’ve been following the tarot for longer than I want to think about.  I’m a member of the Tarot Association of The British Isles (TABI) where I provide free readings as part of their endorsed free reader programme; I am also TABI’s membership secretary.

My first love is tarot; but I’m also interested in numerology and, to a slightly lesser extent, in astrology.  I have given reading for individuals and corporations all over the world but in the last few years I have been concentrating on my work with TABI and on building an email based readings service; primarily for individuals.  I am considered as something of a specialist in matters of the heart but I get also great results for questions relating to finance and career.  I am happy to read in response to questions regarding health issues; but I will always make it clear that these don’t replace professional  consultations.

I like to think of myself as ethical and moral; I follow TABI’s ethics to the letter and I will not accept payment from anyone I believe to be under age or otherwise improperly prepared for what the cards may say.  I will always be truthful and upfront about what the cards are saying; I really do have to be prepared to tell my clients things that they may not want to hear.  It’s not always unicorns and rainbows; but it’s always something to think about and to help clarify things.